Modded Controllers for Xbox One, PS4, Advanced Warfare, Destiny, GTA V, and More!
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Geniusmods Information

Here you will find information about our company and the modded controllers we offer. Geniusmods outshines the competition due to the fact that we are a professional company that can provide a superior product. We have built a solid team that consists of top notch professionals. Our staff members all come from various backgrounds and have experience in their field of expertise. Our staff members all have previous experience in their field, and are held to high standards to ensure that our products are top notch. We have been in business for approximately 6 years, and in those 6 years have been able to refine our products and team to provide extraordinary results. 

Our mod program is packed with mods that work with all the hottest games right now. Our rapid fire program is the fastest that those games will allow, and we offer the ability to program our rapid fire and other mod functions to your liking. Most other companies offer basic mods that cannot be adjusted. For instance, most mods have drop shot that will only work with default control setup. Our mod has the ability to configure tactical control setups, and adjust what the player does after they drop to the ground (such as automatically stand up, stay dropped to the ground, drop only when aiming down the sights, drop only when not aiming down the sights). This is just one example of the many innovations Geniusmods has brought to the modded controller industry.

Geniusmods Company Information:

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